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Yep i’ve graduated. I’ve finished my major. So what’s next ?

Gue yakin hampir semua fresh graduate pasti masuk ke fase jobseeker yang bikin mereka mikir “omg it’s not done alr ? we still have this kind of shit ?”. Yes baby, yes we are *long sigh*

Mayoritas fresh graduate pasti pengen kerja as soon as possible. Ya iyalah ya setelah perjuangan panjang kuliah kurleb 4taun, pasti kita-kita udah gak sabar buat nyicipin duit hasil jerih payah sendiri. Itu juga kan bentuk deklarasi “gue udah dewasa broh, udah gak minta duit ke orang tua lagi.” Yes, most of us.

Gue pun berpikiran hal yang sama. Abis lulus pokoknya udah gak boleh minta duit ke ortu lagi, malu cyyn. Tapi pertanyaannya sekarang adalah :

  1. Mau kerja di mana ? Balik ke kota asal atau melanjutkan perantauan ?
  2. Mau kerja di industri apa ?
  3. Mau gaji minimal berapa ?
  4. Mau kerja berapa lama ?

Sebenernya sebelum lulus gue udah yakin banget sama jawaban-jawaban gue tentang pertanyaan-pertanyaan di atas.

  1. Balik ke kota asal, kumpul lagi sama keluarga
  2. Ya industri telco dong kalo bisa. Minimal yg nyerempet2 bidang ICT lah ya
  3. Kalo bisa sih minimal setengahnya bayaran kuliah gue tiap semester lah
  4. Paling lama 2 taunan

Tapi setelah gue lulus dan dapet kerja, seketika gue ragu sama jawaban-jawaban di atas. Kenapa ?

First, gue dapet kerja di resto franchise terkemuka di Indonesia. Ok gak masuk kategori ICT banget ya, but i was hired as an IT Admin. Jadi menurut gue sih fine-fine aja.

Second, eventhou the salary is not bad, but the envirounment and the system are. Sorry i can’t write any further about this, kalo kata orang-orang sih “rahasia perusahaan”, pssst.

Third, the workday is mon-sat. Yes everybody, i work on Saturday full day. Till 5 pm. Sad right ?

Fourth, gak ada jenjang karir tapi ya gue gak peduli sih sama poin ini sebenernya. Because this is just a fling.

Nah the reason why i join this silly company is only because, i need money. Waktu masukin lamaran & diterima gue emg ngebet bgt dapet kerja untuk menafkahi diri gue nonton Exo bulan kemaren. Silly right ? But that’s what i asked and gifted by Allah :’) Toh sampe skrg sebenernya gue juga belom dapet kerja sih, jadi yaaaa nothing to lose lah ya. 

Dan setelah dijalani 2 bulan gue mulai masuk ke fase “pengen buru-buru resign”. Kenapa oh kenapa ? My main reason is refer to the second point above dan ditambah kerjaan gue jauuuuuuuuh dari apa yg gue suka. It’s not about telco or public relation or advertising or media so gue pun lama-lama ngerasa i betray myself. Membohongi diri sendiri itu gak baik loh sodara2 :’)

Tapi alhamdullilahnya ajeng masih disayang Allah. Kebetulan gue cuma dikontrak 3 bulan, probation sih sebenernya tapi its good y know. Soalnya pegawai2 baru yg lain pada dikontraknya 2 taun. So i consider myself as a lucky girl, yeay happy me !

Jadi yang harus gue lakukan sekarang adalah doing the same boring daily routine until my final payday and after that ………………. i don’t know what to do actually :(

Gue harus apply kerja dimana ? Di sini ato di jkt/bdg ? Nah itu dia coy, di bali tuh susah aned nyari kerja yg berbau2 telco, aku cudih. Tapi kalo di jakarta, belom siap ah ninggalin orang rumah lagi setelah ditinggal merantau 4 taun. Huft~~

Yah semoga gue cepet2 dikasi petunjuk untuk ke depannya harus gimana gimana, jadi setaun dua taun lagi udah bisa merantau lagi di negeri orang buat ngelanjutin S2 pake duit sendiri (dan beasiswa tentunya). AMEN :’)

As you know, i’m a fan of kpop. But the normal one, what i mean about it is i choose to not wearing kpop thingy and act like a normal person. Why ? Because when someone loves something uncommon, that person will be labeled as a weirdo by society. Yes i know it’s unfair !

Lemme give you an exampe: When people watch western tv series, they say “wow you’re cool. you even watch foreigner’s show” and blah blah blah. But when people know that i’m so into korean drama, they will be “whaaat you’re watching korean ?” said them as hateful as they could be.

See ? That’s how society works. Weird is when ppl love unfamiliar thing and normal is when ppl love common thing.

Ok back to the main topic ! The beginning of my fangirl life is started in 2008, when i was still an innocent high school student who loves skipping class hehehe. My ultimate idol is changing years to years. The first one is SM’s newest boy group at the moment who could steal every noona’s hearts no other than SHINee. 

And then because one or two things, suddenly i became a fangirl over girlgroup. Weird eh ? Yes, even at that time girlgroup’s popularity is not as massive as right now. So being a fan of girlgroup is alr weird at the first place and the fact that i’m a girl made it even weirder. lol lol lol~ 


A fangirl with heavy flu drenched in sweat to see her unnideul

But whatever i just follow my heart and passionately became Girls Generation’s or known as ES EN ES DE’s fangirl. Talk about past, they were the most bashful and hateful girlgroup in Kpop era back then. But because of their “public-enemy-and-victim-at-the-same-time” image, it made me curious and then voila i became a sone for more or less 4 years. Such a long time eh

Fortunately, in 2012 i’ve got a chance to meet my 2 idols at the same time. Yeah big thanks to the messiest concert that i ever had, SM TOWN Indonesia Concert. Sad facts : as i walked out from the venue, love for my dearest 9 girls decreased little by little and completely gone after weeks. Nah everything has an expired time right ?



During my betraying time, i’ve found a new light in kpop trough YG’s scary unnideul group a.k.a 2NE1. Actually i alr knew about 2NE1’s existence since their debut era. But because of their fierce and swag yolo concept, i’m taken aback for a while then start fangirling over them after their comeback album, To Anyone.

My patience being a 4 years fangirl is paid off when i’ve managed to attended 2NE1 All or Nothing Concert in Indonesia in last June. WOHOOOOO THATS THE BEST CONCERT THAT I’VE EVER HAD. KYAAA~~~ I sang along nonstop for 2 hours, screaming, jumping and even crying because of the girls. Not even a single track is performed lypsinc-ed. I cried in happiness eventhou my seat is so far away from the stage, damn you VIP seat huh.

After went to 2NE1’s con i started to watch korean tv series, Roommate. Honestly i watched the series is because of Park Bom unnir casted on that program. It’s kinda shocking y know seeing YG artist appeared on variety/reality show that’s why i dont wanna miss this opportunity. However, as i’m watching the show, it’s turn out that THERE’S A GEM IN ROOMMATE !!!

Lololol~ Alongside with Park Bom there’s also a boy who come from kpop industry, he is Park Chanyeol member of massive SM’s boygroup Exo. I could say that i accursed by my old self because back then i love to make fun and mocking my housemate who is an Exo’s fangirl. And look at me now, because of the show, i also became an Exo’s fangirl *cough cough*


They’ve got a ticket to that show~~~ Mine, Saniy’s and Karina’s

Lucky me, only a month after being captivated by Exo’s charms there’s a rumour spread that the boys will held a solo concert at Indonesia in September 2014. Allahu Akbar the rumour turned out as a fact, KYAAAA~~ Miracle in September <3

And Thanks God for always pouring me in happiness, last week i’ve managed to met my boys in person. Eventhou Exo The Lost Planet Indonesia is not the best concert, but its okay (its love, lol) bcause i could saw Chanyeol and ofc the other boys within less than 5 meters. Once again, lucky me :’)

But again and again i became a betrayer. Two weeks before Exo’s con, YG debuted his long lost boygroup named Winner. As a religious YG Stan who loves every YG’s products ofc i’ve obligated to check out these babies. Screw myself for loving YG so much, because i turn myself as their fan at the time i’ve pushed play button on Youtube to watch Winner’s MV. Why i’m so easy and softhearted toward them huhuhuhu ;~; So during waiting the Concert Day, i dipped my head onto Winner thingy and almost forgot about Exo’s existence. Ups sorry boys :(

Yup that’s my journey as a fangirl, a kpop fangirl actually. Living life as a fangirl is hard and enjoyable at the same time. Sometimes you emptied your wallet for your idol but sometimes you’ll be happy all day long just because of a slight good news about them. Thanks for being my current source of happiness 2NE1, Exo & Winner. Me XOXO you :*

notes: all the photos belong to meeee~

Music Meme: You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, media, player etc. Write down the first 20 songs, then pass this on to 20 people. One rule: no skipping.

  1. Jason Mraz (ft Colbie Caillat) - Lucky
  2. Psy - Hangover
  3. Foster The People - Waste
  4. Exo - Christmas Day
  5. My Chemical Romance - Fake Your Death
  6. Jason Mraz - A Beautiful Mess
  7. Beyonce - Love on Top
  8. 2NE1 - Cant Nobody
  9. Winner - Empty
  10. Calvin Harris ft Alesso - Under Control

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Yap, i was bored at work and out of blue did this post. Hahaha it’s so simple yet fun. As you can see i love upbeat musics and the opposite one, jazzy accoustic, a lot.

Ah you know i have a new fav singer, they’re WINNER ! In the next post maybe i’ll write about my 2NE1/Exo’s Concert experience, lil bit bout Winner, and my whole new life rn. See you soon ;)

Dari judulnya kayanya ngeri banget sih yee, tapi ya semua orang pasti pengenlah melakukan sesuatu yang “sebelum gue mati gue harus ngelakuin itu pokoknya !”. Dan gue sebagai manusia biasa pastinya juga kaya gitu doongg~~

What I Want Before I Die:

  1. Go to my fav artist concert. 2NE1 udah, SMTown udah. Yang nyusul sih Exo bulan depan, semoga dikasi ijin deh sama kantor. Sisanya MCR (bodo amat mau bubar juga MCR selalu di hati), Foster The People, Lady Gaga, jason Mraz & Mariah Carey. Puhlease go to Indonesiaaaa !!!
  2. Attend orchestra concert in Paris ! Harus Paris banget, kl bisa di tempat lain boljug tp ultimate dream sih di Paris~~
  3. Punya ruangan cozy kedap suara full sound system kece. Jadi ntar gue kalo me time dengerin lagu2 kesukaan gue jedug2 gak meresahkan masyarakat.
  4. Have a BIIIGGG DRAWER full of my make up collection.
  5. Dapet beasiswa S2 ato gak kerja di luar negeri.
  6. Trip around the world & nyobain semua makanan khas seluruh dunia. Gue bukan orang menikmati view sih, gue menikmati apa yg bisa dirasakan sm lidah gue *slapped*
  7. Go to Mecca as many times as i could. Amiiinnn :’)

Yah segitu aja sih my dream hahaha “segitu” aja. Semoga terkabul cepat atau lambat amiiinnn !!!

"I live to chase my dream not to pleased people’s expectation. This is my happines, you dont need to stick your nose to my problem. IT’S MY LIFE !!! *bon jovi style*"


A lof of things happened to me this past few months. Mulai dari ngerjain TA, ngambil data, bimbingan, disuruh ngambil data lagi, lagi dan lagi. Dilanjutin rempongnya daftar sidang, nyari penguji, sidang (finally !), ngerjain revisi dan berakhir dizholimi sm admin kampus buat daftar sidang akademik.

But still, alhamdullilah …….. Everything is done finally !

Sampe sekarang masih rada gak percaya kalo gue udah menyelesaikan pendidikan S1. Rasanya baru kemaren gue ditemenin bokap gue buat daftar ulang di kampus.Terus ditemenin beli barang-barang kosan, pindahan dan kemudian ditinggal balik ke Denpasar. Bokap gue cuma nemenin gue 3 hari, gak lebih dan gak kurang.

Gue masih inget, gue nahan nangis pas bokap gue pamit balik ninggalin gue sendirian di kota yang gak gue kenal sama sekali. Gue gak punya sodara sama sekali di sini. Gue pun gak deket sama temen-temen satu SMA yang ngelanjutin kuliah di kota ini. Which mean i have no one to rely on.

Tapi setelah masuk kuliah, akhirnya gue dapet temen-temen baru. Mulai dari temen sekelas TT-34-04, terus gabung di kepanitiaan HIY, lanjut nyoba organisasi di Himatel, dan berakhir di Lab Teknik Switching.

Gue pun di sini dapet sahabat-sahabat baru, ke7 cewek-cewek yang nerima gue apa adanya & jadi teman terdekat selama perkuliahan. Our friendship is not the sweetest one. Kita sering ngata2in satu sama lain, utang piutang, marah-marah (apalagi kalo mau dapet), pokoknya ya gak ada jaim-jaimnya. Tapi itu yg bikin special, because when im with them, i’ll become the truest of myself :’) Maybe i will write about them in different post.

Ok back to the main topic. Rasanya masih gak percaya semester depan gue gak harus registrasi lagi. Di mana as we know, moment-moment registrasi itu moment panik rebutan kuota kelas sambil menyusun strategi demi mendapatkan IP yg diinginkan sekaligus jadwal kelas yang enak.

Trus ada lagi yang namanya praktikum. Mata kuliah 1 SKS yang nyusahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin banget, padahal cuma 1 SKS. Kalo mau UTS/UAS, pasti baru panik ngelengkapin catetan & berburu soal. Terus rame-rame belajar bareng dengan sistem kebut semalam. Gak jarang, nyulik kakak-kakak kelas yang jago terus disandera buat ngajarin. Abisitu deg-dean nunggu nilai diinputin & hati langsung mencelos pas disms kampus kalo nilai udah diinput.

Itu baru di akademisnya. Di kegiatan non-akademis biasanya kalo di kepanitiaan sering ribet jualan riket, trus nempelin poster, begadang ngeprint, rapat sampe malem ampe otak udah engap. Trus di organisasi juga sama, gak tidur buat ngeprint buletin, rapat sana sini, dimusuhin sama anak buah sendiri. Kalo di lab, harus sabar ngadepin adek-adek kelas pas jaga praktikum, trus rajin belajar biar pinter, bikin acara ini itu. Banyak deh pokoknya !

Dan semua itu udah terlewati. Gue gak terlalu ngerasa ada perubahan yang signifikan di hidup gue, sekarang. Rasanya, semua masih sama-sama aja. Padahal mah enggak.

Agak sedih sih sebenernya soalnya abisini setelah lulus, semua pada nyari kerja sesuai minat masing-masing. Which mean, i have to separate with them when finally we have a strong bond. Ironic but that’s life. Gue pun abisini bakalan balik ke kota asal gue & menjalani hidup gue sendiri.

Yang artinya dengan begini, chapter perkuliahan di hidup gue pun berakhir. Akhir dari chapter ini, sekaligus awal dari chapter baru di hidup gue yaitu pengangguran. LOL~